Patchwork Scarf

Patchwork Scarf

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Introducing your sustainable accessory, the Patchwork Scarf. Made with repurposed, surplus cashmere pieces so nothing goes to waste. A beautiful accessory and each one truly unique, know you're doing good when buying this piece. Lovingly made from 100% Mongolian cashmere.

40cm x 180cm

Hand wash only and dry flat.

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The staff at Sundance is great! They are always so helpful and make you feel like your family. I just left there with my sister and we had a great time (as always) and both got great new outfits!

Karen Y.

I was visiting from out-of-state and bought a pair of the leggings. The two associates were wearing pairs demonstrating how they look good on many body types and the ladies both looked great. They were also friendly and professional. I just purchased more leggings via the website and they arrived in a reasonable timeframe, fast shipping and fair shipping fees. I have already told 3 friends about this place and given them the website!

Erin T.